Welcome to OSFP

To provide an Open Source enabling environment for the Industry, Academia, and Community.

To be the voice of the Open Source Community in Pakistan. Prepare the community to capture the Digital Era market and business realities with Open Source Technologies.

To promote leading technologies using Open Source Platform to evolve in development, innovation and an empowering culture

Benefits of Open Source

SMEs and big companies using open source technologies could have the following benefits:

  • Highly Secure

  • Customizeable

  • Cost Effective

  • Reliability

  • Community Support

  • User Friendly

  • Transparency

  • Freedom from Lock-in

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Why OSFP was Established?

The youth of Pakistan is hardworking and have brilliant minds, but face a lot of challenges in the technology world. Lack of access to innovative technologies, financial constraints for young entrepreneurs, lack of industry-academia linkage, and not being able to consult and network with the Pakistani successful professionals working in the latest technologies are some of the challenges whose solution lead to the creation of Open Source Foundation of Pakistan.

Usage of Open Source Technologies can help in coping up with the latest and innovative technologies. Contributing to Open Source Technologies could increase the exposure and enhance the experience of the youngsters according to the international market. Young entrepreneurs could save time and money by using already built open-source projects and could increase their revenue by customizing the project according to their needs in a shorter period of time. OSPF's industry-academia linkage department have a strong voice in shaping the academics according to the industry needs. Connecting professionals to young entrepreneurs and students is a primary objective of OSFP.

OSFP is committed to its purpose for which it was founded.