4IW - Role of Open Source - Yusuf Hussain V1


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4. www.ign it e.org.p k 4 Open Source Aligns with 4 th Industrial Wave

1. Ministry of IT & Telecom Government of Pakistan www.ign it e.org.p k 4 th Industrial Wave & Role of Open Source Technologies Yusuf Hussain March 8, 2018

3. www.ign it e.org.p k 3 Why Open Source ? ❑ Pace of Innovation ❑ Big Data, High Connectivity ❑ Pakistan: Academia Industry HR Divide

6. www.ign it e.org.p k 6 Significant HR Expertize Need to be Developed Open source development can impart skills that are rated as useful by tech employers, skills such as: ❑ Working with large code bases ❑ Use of the “tools of the trade” ❑ Working in distributed teams

2. www.ign it e.org.p k 2 Publishing of Research Findings Has Been a Vital 
 Factor in Incremental Scientific Progression Collectin g Data Analyzing Data Publishin g Findings Tra d i t i o n a l S c i e n t i f i c A p p r o a c h vs

8. www.ign it e.org.p k 8 How Do We Solve This? ❑ Google Summer of Code ❑ Online Curriculum ❑ IBM ❑ VU ❑ edX ❑ Coursera ❑ Digiskills Program

9. www.ign it e.org.p k 9 Thank you! (formerly National ICT R&D Fund Company) 6 th Floor, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad www.ignite.org.pk Name: Yusuf Hussain Designation: CEO +92 51 921 5360 – 64 +92 300 500 1708 ceo@ignite.org.pk IgniteNTF IgniteNTF /company/ IgniteNTF IgniteNTF Follow us on:

5. www.ign it e.org.p k 5 Open Source Drives Innovation Many of the top machine learning, deep learning, neural network and other AI software is available under open source licenses. ACT-R, Caffe, H2O, Open Cog, etc. Some leading open source Blockchain platforms: Eris, Hydrachain, OpenChain, etc. . Success of the IoT market greatly lies in the connectivity of devices, which more often than not, share different hardware and operating systems.   Eclipse, NODE-RED, IOTIVITY, etc.

7. www.ign it e.org.p k 7 How Do We Solve This? 5 National Incubation Centers worth US $30 million 80% Application of Open Source Technologies More than US $40 million spent on ICT scholarships & internships Need to encourage coding skills 2000 Projects Funded worth US $1.30 million Use of Open Source Technologies is Encouraged 141 Tech Projects worth US $22 million funded 90% Application of Open Source Technologies


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